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Weighing sensors certification 2012

Weighing sensors certification 2012

Oct 26,2012

erms set forth in the load cell certification is generally agreed that the certification is approved by NTEP and OIML ~ R60. NTEP certified in North America and South America is considered the standard of weights and measures. To OIML-R60 certification is considered the standard in Europe and Asia. The certification is a form of a certificate on behalf of weights and measures authority, it applies only to certain types of fixed range of the sensor and the kind of models.

Certificate (CofC) is issued by NTEP approved load cell model, it will elaborate on the certificate applies to the different range and range of Vmin and Vmin and the minimum weight increment in the measurement of the weight sensor. Different Vmin may be produced by different manufacturers seemingly the same load cell, weighing the pros and cons of sensor performance is determined by the weights and measures testing agencies. For example, an approved precision level III 5,000 d weight sensor, even if only 50% of the load cell rated range, its output may also be divided into 5,000 points. This is the importance of Vmin.

Different countries in Europe and Asia, 0IML-R60 load cell Certificate in weights and measures authority, but not every OIML countries recognize. Metrology institute of the four EC countries can be notification issued certificate recognized by the EC countries in Western Europe. Eastern European countries, China and Russia need their own issued OIML certificate. If you want to export to these countries weighing system, you should check your weight sensor is in line with their certification.
Read different versions of the manual to meet the NTEP technical specifications or to meet the OIML technical specifications does not mean that the product certification of weights and measures agencies, it can simply think that only the manufacturer's product meets the NTEP or OIML technical specifications.