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Single point load cell

Single point load cell

Capacity from 60g to 2t, high precision up to 0.003%.

Disc Load cell

Capacity from 1t to 300t,can make to design

Single ended load cell

Capacity from 100kg to 15t. Precision up to OIML C5

Double ended load cell

Capacity from 25t to 50t, fast delivery, High precision

S type load cell

Capcity from 5kg to 10t, Precision up to OIML C5
load cell for elevator

Load cell for elevator

Capacity from 800kg to 3t, make to design.

Canister  load cell

Capacity from 3t to 300t, Comply with OIML C3
Weighing accessories

Weighing accessories

Weighing indicator, Junction box, mounting foot

Focus on high precision load cells for over 15 years.

First-class team of Production, QC,sales and after sales

ISO9001:2015 Strict Quality Control Policy and advanced testing equipment.

Long-term and deep cooperation with many international well-known dye enterprises

Fast Delivery for high precision load cells

Widely used in famous brands all over the world

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6th to 8th April 2017 held the China International Weighing Instrument Exhibition

China International Weighing Instrument Exhibition is a 3 day event being held from 6th April to 8th April 2017 in Shanghai, China. This event showcases product automatic weighing instruments, automatic weighing instruments.

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 Focus on High Accuracy load cell and Force Senor ,using the world leading technology and advanced production process ,HUAZHUN WEIGHING TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD has become an expert from design to test to minimize the cost while take quality standard and performance to ever higher levels...

Wire Connection Department

cooperative partner

We take an active part in international market competition andhave a good cooperation with Toledo,UWE,Etc. We are designated manufacturer of european,american and other well-known international Weighing solution companies.provide ODM and OEM service to world famous brand.