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Sensor and Internet of Things

Sensor and Internet of Things

Jan 30,2018

The sensor network is the most basic part of the Internet of Things. The existence of sensor significantly distinguished the Internet of Thing and the so called INTERNETWORK. The Internetwork is a net based on human, we collect and analyze information by human. While in the era of Internet of Thing, it will sensor who provide the information we need.


Of course, the data collected by the sensors is basic and simple, but once these data are applied, the resulting effect is enormous. This is nowadays the so called Big Data. The application of Big Data is to develop and use a variety of related data, and the basis of these data, one is the rich resources of the Internet era, and the second is the data generated by equipment which linked to the internet as the era for Internet of Things comes. At present, the big data of the Internet is still not well utilized. To greet the arrival of Internet of Thing, We still have a long way to go.


The generation basis for all of these data, and for the Internet of Things: different sensors. These sensors not only appears in your home, but also appear in public places like vending machines, bus stop, traffic lights and so on.


Load cell is one kind of sensor, which plays a very important role in the Internet of Things. For vending machine, load cells are used to check the actual quantity of commodity according to the change of weight. For automatic delivery courier, using load cell can accurately measure the weight of packages, and therefore figuring the freight accordingly. For logistics vehicles, using installing load cells on the truck can monitor the loaded weight all the time to avoid overload.  Alibaba's Cainiaoyizhan network also use load cells to measure the goods In and out of weight. Load cells are widely used in logistics industry, as well as automatic weighing packaging, automatic sorting industry.