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load cell application in Elevator

load cell application in Elevator

Update Time:2017/3/14

Classification and Application of Elevator Load Cell



1. Load cells installed at the elevator head

Mounted the load cell at the elevator head board is a universal weighing method, which installs the load cell in the middle of two rope heads and detects two weight changes in the car. Pressure changes to carry out weighing measurements. This installation is characterized by strong applicability, selection of suitable size, size of the load cell, can be used for various forms of rope head plate hole weighing.




2. Load cells installed at the bottom of the car

A plurality of sensors are placed between the car and the car frame, and the load cell and the rubber be integrated or mechanically connected. Then the car and the load cell actually formed a scale, add the signal of each load cell together through the circuit, calculate the total weight in the car, this calculation can overcome the car bias load generated by the error. The sensitivity of this weighing method is very high, after the system been installed, the sensitivity is less than 10kg, and because the buffer rubber only play a connection, the role of shock absorption is not involved in weighing, so the stability is good, drift is small, it’s suitable for high-grade high-speed Elevator.





3. Load cells installed at the car roof

This installation is for large tonnage, multi-rail design of the ladle weighing. It is characterized by a simple structure, suitable for large tonnage cargo ladder. The load cell is mounted on the top axle of the elevator car.




4. Electromagnetic induction elevator load cells installed at the live car platform

It calculates the pressure on the elevator car through the induction magnetic field strength. This is to rely on the bottom of the elastic rubber compression deformation, the strong magnet placed in the car under the floor, through the installation of the Hall element on the car to change its magnetic field changes, after amplification, output the analog signal, the advantage is that induction, output integration, according to the need to output different forms of weight signal (current, voltage , Switch, serial communication) installation and commissioning is convenient, and high sensitivity because the Hall element is very small, it can be integrated with other electronic components into a small control box (and low cost). If use the serial communication output, can reduce the number of cores with the cable to save cost for the elevator which is multi-segment switch compensation.