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Load cell and multihead weigher

Load cell and multihead weigher

Mar 12,2018

Combination scale, also called multihead weigher and multihead scale, is the core equipment for quantitative weighing and packing system. During packing, using combination scale can accurately weigh the goods, feeding material, packing and even print the date automatically without manual operation, which largely reduce the human labor expenses, material waste, and management cost, bring benefits to company.


Load cell ( or called load sensor) is the most important part in combination scale. When it was imposed with load, it stimulates the stain gauge on material body by deformation of its body, which will output signal to indicate the weight of imposed goods.


Our products IN-PW15AH single point load cell is designed for multihead weigher. . Made by stainless steel material, this load cell is waterproof and anti-corrosion, and protection level high up to IN69K. Besides, it is changeable with HBM PW15AH load cell, capacity ranging from 10kg to 100kg, and with a optional accuracy of C3 and C6.


In China, one of our customer is using this load cell to make the multihead weigher for food. Using this load cell, now they developed a multihead weigher with a motion accuracy of 300g/0.01g, and can check 3 times in 1 second.